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x theme support how to add an icon in html

Simplify Tumblr Theme is simplicity at its finest. This theme allows the reader to focus on the content without any distractions; enhancing and empowering the content to stand out on its own. This theme allows the reader to focus on the content without any distractions; enhancing and empowering the content to stand out on its own. ... More

how to make smile better

But if you aren’t much of a talker or just want to make a girl smile from afar, show off your pearly whites, and she most likely will crack a smile right back. [Read: How to smile more often and change your life for the better ] ... More

how to use a variable in markdown code

Use the Smartboard to show the code in R using RStudio. On the first day use an R Script for the R code. All following days, use R Markdown to create and annotate the scatter plots. ... More

how to use kettlebells for squats

The goblet squat can be used to build strength (with heavier kettlebells) by simply using the sets and rep ranges below. 3-5 sets of 3-5 repetitions with heavy loading, resting as needed ... More

how to tell if baby is latched on properly

If your baby is not latched on and therefore not feeding properly, it will affect your ability to produce milk. Your breasts still feel full after feeding (again, a sign your baby isn’t able to get enough milk off). ... More

how to see a private users photos on instagram

12/01/2017 · If you really want to view someone’s Instagram photos without them knowing it was you, you can always create a new profile. It’s not the most moral thing to do, but you can use … ... More

wow how to talk more frequently in trade chat

Linh is part of an ever-growing class of people who have leveraged their social media clout to travel the world, frequently in luxury. While Linh and other elite influencers are usually personally ... More

how to see lther insta users stats

With over 400 million active users, brands are quickly recognizing the need to have a presence on Instagram. But, as with any social network, the brands that are getting the most out of Instagram are the ones who are smart about what they post, when they post, how often they post, and whom they're ... More

how to use google drive on ipad

Go to & sign in to your account. If you don't have an account, then create one. Download "Google Drive App" on iPad from the Apple App store & launch it. ... More

how to take care of mini roses in a pot

And the miniature roses can become rootbound in a 1-gallon pot. Another reason to repot your roses is if you had originally used wooden pots, which will rot after a few years. So if you see your pots starting to deteriorate, repot your roses before they fall apart completely. ... More

how to start suits you sarah

I'm trying to do the quest where you have to find the vault suits for Sarah, but every time I sell her the vault suit it doesn't count. I found out you have to select something like "I have suits" in the conversation, but it's not there. This happens all the time, even when I start a new game all ... More

how to use dvc points

We used DVC points to stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel 6 years ago. It's a beautiful, luxurious hotel, along the lines of the Grand Floridian, but with even more intricate theming, and a courtyard that opens onto the gates to Tokyo Disneyland Park. ... More

how to set up a workout plan

Once I have a plan, I can just pick up the weights and go. In the rare case that I don't know exactly what weight I will hit (for example, if I'm maxing out on a particular day), then I'll just leave a few blank lines under that exercise so that I can write in the numbers as I do each set. ... More

how to use dariks boot and nuke

... More

how to turn a car into a race car

The Hoonigans are about to make every kid's dream come true. They're taking the classic race car bed and turning it into a fully functional car. Its safe to assume that most car enthusiasts ... More

how to stop direct debit payments anz

ANZ Internet Banking for Business customers can easily delete client details from their direct debit client list, if necessary. Go to the " Payments " menu. Select " Set up business Direct debit ". ... More

how to use portfolio adobe

Students must have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat. Ideally, version 10.1.4 but the electronic portfolio tool set has been avaiiable since version 8 which will enable students to create a simple but robost portfolio ... More

how to see people who followed twitch

How Twitch Works. by Bernadette Johnson bookmark or share the video, and report or message the user. You can also see stats on how many people are watching now and how many total views and followers the channel has. There's a navigation bar to the left, and a chat window to the right, unless you've expanded the video and obscured it. You can see a running stream of people's messages and ... More

how to stop cracking knuckles yahoo

Check our answers to How can I stop cracking my knuckles? - we found 47 replies and comments relevant to this matter. The best answers are submitted by users of Yahoo! ... More

how to use spidif on an interface

@CCasper, Thanks for your quick response and time. I appriciate your efforts for writing back to us. Since there is no SPDIF input on this desktop, you cannot use it I would recommend you to purchase M-Audio Firewire Solo recording interface. ... More

how to set 2 variables to the same values

8/03/2012 MANY takes in the variable x and assign it to all the output variables. This function works as the equation sign in C++ so that the following expression in C++: ... More

how to turn on word count in onenote

Have you ever wanted to change a number into a percentage in Excel? The easiest way is to just type the number in and add the % symbol (by holding the shift key and F5), nurse and then hitting enter. ... More

how to train your dragon season 3 episode 2

Director Ava DuVernay revealed on Twitter that Victoria Mahoney will be the second unit director for Star Wars Episode IX. J.J. Abrams has already been set as the first unit director for the film, which will open in theaters on December 20th, 2019. ... More

how to adjust an armitron pro sport watch

ARMITRON PRO-FIT 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ® ARMITRON PRO-FIT Your ® is warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship, under normal use and when used as direct, for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty excludes... ... More

how to sell million dollar homes

A $2.625 million four bedroom, four bathroom home in Dallas, Texas. BRIGGS FREEMAN SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY. The luxury real estate market is a hyper-competitive multi-billion dollar ... More

how to sell pills on street

Warning, fake abortion pills for sale online!! Warning, fake abortion pills for sale online!! False medicines offered for sale! Share. There are a lot of websites that claim they are our partners. Please do not believe them, The medicines are not Mifepristone, Mifegyne or RU 486 as they claim. Women on Waves and Women on Web do not have any affiliation with any online pharmacy or seller of ... More

how to turn off acer chromebook

Acer Chromebook will turn on, but nothing happens - stays frozen on Chromebook page. I have removed the battery, turned off computer, done ctl+alt+del - nothing … ... More

how to take key out of ignition

Turn the ignition switch to the run position and depress the tab below the key lock cylinder, while holding the tab pull the key and cylinder out of the column. Now the shift interlock cable can be removed. Reverse the procedure outlined for re-installing the new parts. ... More

how to use veet gel cream

A New Yorker is suing the makers of Veet hair-removal cream, alleging she suffered third-degree burns as a result of sunbathing immediately after using the product. Veet's label states DO NOT sunbathe or swim for 24 hours after use. Failure to follow use directions and precautions may result in chemical burns. Nevertheless, Lauren Waterman, who used the "fast-acting" gel cream while on ... More

how to write a personal trainer bio example

Fortunately, you can now easily avail personal biography examples that will enable you determine the basic priorities of a winning bio. In order for you to maximize the quality and efficiency of your bio, you should try professional bio writing services or utilize example of personal biography online from various discipline and industries for free! ... More

how to allow switch to use its speakers docked

The Switch speaker dock is designed to use with a Switch in tabletop mode, but YesOJO says it should offer dramatically better sound than the Switch’s onboard speaker (in addition to a far more ... More

how to show youre a lesbian

... More

how to use fabric softener in front loader

SOURCE: why not dispensing fabric softener. The signal to dispense comes from the timer board. I am not sure if you can use a multi meter on the dispensing actuators to see if you are getting a signal. ... More

how to write a evaluation for an employee

Managers should conduct employee evaluations on a regular basis -- ideally more than once a year -- to give workers feedback on job performance. Evaluations provide an opportunity for managers and employees to meet together and discuss career goals, current performance and recognize achievements as ... More

how to use main line cleaner

Put an expanding plug in any floor drain along the main line or other drain the water and I have tried using a plunger, heavy duty drain cleaner and a snake. ... More

how to set up twitter ads

Home » Blog » Social Media » How to Set Up Twitter Advertising to Build Awareness for Your Business. About a week after Twitter Advertising became public, I signed up for access. I then received the following email invitation to expand my presence on Twitter by advertising on Twitter. Today, I want to tell you about the Twitter Advertising options available to businesses and show you the ... More

how to sell rci points membership

RCI Points is a highly flexible, next-generation timeshare exchange concept from Resort Condominiums International - or RCI. Members receive points to use each year to book accommodations in over 3700 RCI resorts worldwide. Rather than traditional timeshare weeks where members stay at the same resort for a week each year, RCI Points members are allocated points each year to use for vacation ... More

how to tell if item is json html

Convert a JavaScript object into a string with JSON.stringify(). Stringify a JavaScript Object. Imagine we have this object in JavaScript: var obj = { name: "John", age: 30, city: "New York" }; Use the JavaScript function JSON.stringify() to convert it into a string. var myJSON = JSON.stringify(obj); The result will be a string following the JSON notation. myJSON is now a string, and ready to ... More

how to set up a network with two routers

Yes that is one option. There are various ways to do what you want to. You can have two NICs on a single router and the router has link failover where one NIC with ISP1 cable connected to it is the primary and if the connection goes down a different NIC with ISP2 cable connected to it takes over. ... More

how to take panning shots nikon

Confirm F number Before you take panning shots, you should hold your camera and point where you want to take a pic. And your camera will figure out appropriate F number. If you try to do panning too slow shutter speed in day light situation, it may result in too bright even in the maximum F number, where maximum F number is the darkest setting that your camera lens can reduce the light that ... More

how to wear slip on vans

Vans also seeded slip-ons to be used in runway shows during fashion week for brands like Rebecca Taylor, Luella Bartley, and Trovata. “In a weird kind of way, we’ve always been there,” notes ... More

how to write a business plan pdf

* pdf Supply Chain Strategy: OM 783 a Winter 2010 Course Information Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Op... ... More

how to wear a henley shirt

To my eye henleys fall into two categories: either you look pretty jacked and its a nice alternative to a standard t-shirt, or you look like a dad. ... More

how to watch netflix on gear vr

For those who have been itching to stream the new season of TV from the comfort of your Gear VR, a Netflix VR app will be available today, with apps for Hulu and Vimeo as well as Twitch coming on ... More

how to make frame support

Lay a pair of legs out in "A" frame position on three stools or supports. See fig.10. Position the horizontal brace on top of the two legs. The bottom of the horizontal brace should be 600mm (2ft) down from the top of the "A" frame. Refer to the plans for more positioning dimensions. When the "A ... More

how to wear navy chinos

We can wear khaki chinos with pastel linen shirts during daytime and white or navy cotton shirts for dinners and other evening engagements. Pink dress shirt, khaki chinos, and brown oxfords (with laces) ... More

how to tell when black beans are cooked

The USAID fact sheet on pinto beans says that, like other dried beans, they will "keep indefinitely if stored in a dry place." Although the beans will remain edible for an extended period, they may suffer some deterioration in texture or flavor. Look for clear warnings signs to tell whether your beans … ... More

how to use call out quotes

They are used to pull a text passage out of the reader’s flow and give it a more dominant position in the post or the article. for large quotes use blockquote, for small quotes use q and for references to another sources cite should be used. In practice, usually only blockquote and q are used. Gallery of Pull Quotes and Citations. Quotes, braces, lines, dialogue boxes, balloons — there ... More

how to set up a jp-230g filter

This guide will show you how to install/assemble a sand filter/pump filter system. NOTE: The system used in this guide is the SandMan pump/filter system but this guide will outline the basic steps for any sand filter system. ... More

how to use gps on iphone 4

However, using GPS on your Apple iPhone 4S will cause your battery to drop quite fast. Therefore, avoid using the GPS of your Apple iPhone 4S over a long distance or recharge it via the cigarette lighter to avoid reaching your destination with a discharged device. ... More

how to set up 7d for remote control shutter

Does the Canon EOS 1200D/Rebel T5 support shutter release via a Canon RC-6 (or any) infrared wireless remote control? Is it true that Nikon sensors are … ... More

how to use nux loop core in ableton

In this Ableton Live tutorial (part 1 in the drum loop series) we take a look at programming the core elements of a drum loop and examine important features that influence groove and dynamics. ... More

how to start a leadership development program

Executive Leadership Development prepares you to take the helm to analyze critically, lead confidently, and articulate strategically. This intensive, experiential program encompasses analysis to action with an emphasis on the action. ... More

how to tell if your underweight

How can I tell if my preschooler is too skinny? There are several factors to take into consideration when evaluating your child's weight. Has he always been thin? Are both of his parents very thin? A child who has a genetic tendency to be thin is in a different boat than a child who has always been ... More

how to sing dope bts

BTS focuses on the people side of strategy, working with leaders at all levels to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and del... ... More

how to tell is house is a meth house

How to tell if you're living in a meth house 2:12 Public health scientist Jackie Wright and Occupational hygienist Julie Butchjart show us the tell-tale signs that the property you are living in ... More

watch dogs 2 how to use ultra texture pack

14/12/2017 · All Updates & DLC's + Ultra Texture Pack - CorePack 18.4 GB About Us Welcome to CorePack repacks site for PC games repacks and updates.The CorePack is … ... More

how to set a modded bounty gta 5

@bdking00 great idea i used to enjoy this program, but like the others have said it needs another bounty hunt after the one it finished and also 1 car through the bounty hunt , but what it could do with now is for someone to make a skin of dog and the others would really set this off. could you make the starting point at a house or something ... More

how to watch olympia 2017

The Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA will stream live coverage of the Olympic flame lighting ceremony on Tuesday at the ancient Olympic site of Olympia in Greece. ... More

how to stop harassing phone calls from unknown numbers

Otherwise you can ask one of your friend to receive or call on the same number and tell him i am calling from xyz police station and I am abc (name and designation), this is a warning call as a complaint is there for harassing. Stop calling on this number otherwise will trace you. ... More

how to write a system of two linear equations

To solve a system of linear equations with steps, use the system of linear equations calculator. Show Instructions In general, you can skip the multiplication sign, so `5x` is equivalent to `5*x`. ... More

how to turn on google location

Users often turn off ‘location history’ or ‘location services’ and think that Google is no longer tracking them and it is not collecting any location data from their devices, but that’s not true. ... More

how to get the samsung keyboard to work

I purchased the Samsung keyboard case when I bought my 9.7 inch S2 at Best Buy. After a short while, the bluetooth connection was lost and I was unable to get it back, so back to the store. ... More

how to make your own guitar stand

With a little patience and with a small investments for the materials, you can make this wooden stand for your guitars in a few hours. Guitar Stand Plans One of the last steps of the woodworking project is to take care of the finishing touches. ... More

android google maps how to show satellite view

28/01/2017 · #MrHuzaifa Our all videos watch here - ~~~~~ How To See Live Satellite Map In Android Hindi Tutorial Ghar Baithe Kuchh Bhi Live ... More

how to properly set up snowboard bindings with boots

Good snowboard boots are the most important part of your set-up purchase, its where a shredder should really consider investing most of their money. A comfortable fit is the difference between a good day and a bad day, so when you visit Wilderness Sea N Ski the staff will make you try on many pairs of snowboard boots. ... More

how to turn visual voicemail off iphone

21/12/2012 · Hi - every time I hit the Phone tile, I get the prompt asking me to enter my Visual Voicemail password. It's not a huge deal, as I can just hit cancel, and … ... More

bosch washing machine front loader how to make it work

30/04/2017 · A good friend of mine had several front loader washing machines which also had bad oder. I think one of them was Bosch. They had it replaced a couple times and eventually got rid of front load and got a top loader which they are happy with. ... More

firealpaca how to search for font

28/09/2016 · Yes, I talked about this before. Yes, most of it is easy to figure out on your own. But I made a 10 minute video on it anyways. Skip to 5:39 for something that might actually be useful!! ... More

how to get autofill to work

If needed, click Auto Fill Options and choose the option you want. Need more help? You can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Community , get support in the Answers community , or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice . ... More

how to work on patience Prayer for Patience. Gods above, Gods below, Give me patience. As I come and go. As I strive and work. As I rest and play. From morning to night ... More

how to repair a work relationship after a fight

No relationship problems are ever actually solved during a fight. When people are shouting, no one is listening. But after the dust settles and everyone is calm again — that is the time to address the underlying problems that caused the fight in the first place. ... More

how to stop treat a small burn

29/07/2008 · Follow these steps to treat a minor burn from a grill or a stove. If you react in time, you may be able to avoid blisters and scars: If you react in time, you may be able to avoid blisters and scars: ... More

how to start leather business in india

Cost of leather processing involves so many things and a big part of that involves its processing chemicals. Though its not an appropriate answer still, apart from machinery huge chemicals are required in different stages of leather manufacturing and those chemicals cost a lot. ... More

how to solve peg puzzle

The Creative Peg Puzzle gives kids endless options for play as they develop logic and problem solving abilities, as well as fine motor skills. ... More

how to use nfc on android

Requirements for using NFC Android. An Android device with a built-in NFC; Another Android device (which has incorporated NFC) to transfer data with the previous device. ... More

how to start a heist in gta 5 pc

Download GTA 5 Highly Compressed for PC 100% Working in one single click. This is a great 3rd person and 1st person action adventure and open world game. This is a great 3rd person and 1st person action adventure and open world game. ... More

s3 watch app how to make

GALAXY WATCH. GALAXY WATCH DESIGNER NOW COVERS ALL WATCH DEVICES. Make your own watch face in just a few steps on your Mac and PC. Now available for Gear S, Gear S2, Gear Fit2, Gear S3, Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear Sport ... More

psychology how to write a procedure

A procedure should be easy to follow. It should have step-by-step directions for conducting the experiment. Often it includes a sketch of how to set-up the experiment. The directions may be numbered to be sure they are done in the correct order. ... More

how to watch movies on fetch tv

I’d rather pay Netflix $7.99 a month for all the movies, docos and tv shows I can watch, then add the free content from Hulu on top. Heck, I’d even pay another $7.99 a month for Hulu Plus – then for less than $16 I’d have an IPTV service that is lightyears ahead of FletchTV or Telsra or anything else offered in … ... More

how to use ti nspire cx cas software

The "SAT Operating System" is an app (program) for your TI-Nspire CX CAS graphing calculator that you use during the SAT test. All of the equations you will ever need during the SAT test ... More

how to tell egg is released

Ovulation is the phase in a woman's menstrual cycle when an unfertilized egg is released from the ovary and travels through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus. This is the stage of the menstrual cycle during which pregnancy can occur, if the released egg is fertilized by sperm. ... More

how to use memory in calculator casio

HL-820VER-SA-EP £ 3.12. This model HL-820VER comes with 8 digit display, independent memory. Compact pocket calculators has other features such as Euro conversion, percentage calculations that is suitable for everyday use. ... More

how to use top shirley beauty cream

Neck creams do a world of good—when used with a strategy in mind. We answer your questions about neck cream application timing and methods so you can get the best results. ... More

how to use jerusalem artichokes

You can use these herbs to add flavour to your roasted Jerusalem artichokes. They will cut through the creaminess and nuttiness of the dish and give it a fresh boost. They will cut through the creaminess and nuttiness of the dish and give it a fresh boost. ... More

how to set processor affinity

For my situation, the solution seemed to be setting the processor affinity of the threads under execution. For anyone who isn't familiar with processor affinity, it's basically a Win32 property that can be used to hard-lock a thread so that it will only run on a specific core (or set of cores). You can easily see a working example of this working at a process level (Process Processor Affinity ... More

how to talk to lewis to hand in quest

What to do if you can't start this quest. ... More

how to set time in digital watch

Time Set Mode Time Set mode NOTE:Press DeS4 to exit Time Set mode 402N396R WORLD TIME ZONE MODE rs tli n e: lo cal im zo dse o im zone second line: local time thir d l i n e: t m a a of s c ti zone S1 the time is updated when ON/OFF is operated S2 swi tch o ec nd tim z City Code S1 2 S2 S1 S1 Total timeMIN from start Lap time Press S4 and hold for 2 seconds After 1 second CHRONO TIM E MODE ... More

how to use ps4 controller on mgs 2 hd

3/07/2014 In this video I show how to setup a PS4 controller to be used with a PS3 System wirelessly. The downside to this is the fact that the PS Button, Touch Pad, and rumble all don't work. ... More

how to write a letter to a client sample

It is essential to write an effective farewell letter because it serves the purpose of leaving behind contact with your previous colleagues that may be use to you in the long run. For some sample farewell letter templates visit Farewell Letter Sample - Download FREE Business Letter Templates and Forms . ... More

how to stop my toddler from biting her nails

2/08/2013 · Nail biting is actually a pretty normal habit. A lot of kids do it and it affects about 30-60% of kids at some point in their childhood. Kids will do it for various reasons. ... More

how to stop sleeping in

Even if you swore you’d never, ever co-sleep, once you actually have a baby (and every moment of sleep counts), even the best-laid plans can go out the window. ... More

how to tell what iphoen you have

Remember to give it a try after you have read this iOS 10 Announce Calls feature guide. Since Apple called iOS 10 the biggest release of iOS ever, many users updated their iPhone/iPad the first time to experience the new operating system. ... More

how to work a vcr

Tracking control - The tape contains a linear control track that helps the VCR synchronize the rotating heads with the actual bands recorded on the tape. ... More

how to reinforce pvc conduit to stop kinking whilst bendinding

Installing new conduit can cost up to $1500/m in the Sydney CBD and pits can cost up to $10,000 each. Being able to utilise existing infrastructure rather than building new is a major advantage when aiming to keep build costs to a minimum. ... More

how to take boarding pass online

Head straight to the boarding gate with your boarding pass. Remember, carry-on baggage limits of up to 7kgs apply. If you are travelling on an international flight, you will be required to present your passport and other travel documentation to a Virgin Australia team member at check-in before proceeding to the boarding … ... More

how to tell if a woman is flirting

If a married man is flirting with a married woman, how can she tell his intentions? How flirt a married woman and are they good on the bed? If a woman that has a boyfriend flirts with me, should I flirt back? ... More

how to pronounce thank you in balinese

22/08/2012 · i have heard it pronounced. boh- lee . and also like a sheep sound baa- lee. I don't know if that makes sense, but if anyone can help i would appreciate! don't want to sound uncultured :) ... More

how to sell food at street fairs

Top 10 Most Unusual State Fair Foods. It's one of our top 10 wacky and wild state fair foods. After all, the fare's the best of the fair! By Sara Schwartz. Jul 30, 2009 Kevin Brown/State Fair of ... More

how to set up the pixma mg2460 on mac

IJ Start Canon Pixma MG2460– Printer Canon PIXMA MG2460 multi-function Inkjet is the usual answer to make prints, duplicate and output at home in an exceptional step. The goals are high, small ink spots ensure you make quality photos and archives, while the ChromaLife100 + deliver more lasting prints. ... More

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how to watch big little lies in ustralia

Just days after the cast officially wrapped filming, the first trailer for season 2 of Big Little Lies has just dropped. While our first peek isn't quite as detailed as what we would've liked

ninja blender 1100 how to use

The Nutri Ninja is a personal countertop blender which means that it's very easy to use and operate just like the Nutribullet. How good is it? Is this a Nutribullet competitor? I've found out that if you compare it with the high-end blenders like the Vitamix or the Blendtec blenders, the Nutra Ninja can't compete. These high-end blenders can create "hot soups" with it's high-speed action. But

how to use metric prefixes

These SI prefixes or metric prefixes are in widespread use in all areas of life. Table of SI prefixes The factor expressed as a factor to the power of ten, SI / metric prefix, the symbol used and the actual decimal number are tabulated in the chart below.

how to write up forest plot apa

Virtually growing up in a computer repair shop, Naomi Bolton has held a passion for as long as she can remember. After earning a diploma through a four year course in graphic design from Cibap

how to use health insurance without card

Without private health insurance, some services can be extremely expensive. Examples of common inclusions in Extras Cover insurance policies include dental,

how to use the minecraft mending e

Transcript. Okay, so let's talk about how to repair items. As you can see, I have two broken items here, well, not broken but damaged. I have my two golden pick axes I'll be using, and here we go.

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